Friday, November 26, 2010

What a day!

With our diorama days now behind us, we move on to bigger and better things! We shot a narrated video of our project today, and did a presentation to Ms. Godden and Mr. Dawe. I think the whole class is pretty proud of our accomplishment. The video will be edited over the next few days, and hopefully ready for mass consumption before long.

Over the weekend, I have asked students to do a few things to prepare for next week:
  • A math activity involving patterns and a 100-square
  • Pick a book for the December book report to show me on Monday
  • Prepare for Count your Blessings (See school website)
  • Play the digestion games I posted this week on the blog
Have a great time this weekend, and I will probably see a few people at the Santa Claus Parade. I will create a longer post tomorrow, so please check back in for more updates and info. Here is a great new clip to ease you into the weekend

And another, just because 'Tis the Season....

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