Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Remembrance Day

Just a quick update today, as it seems I have been conned into painting some walls tonight. I'm on my way to buy paint I didn't pick out, to spend 3 hours I don't have to spare, painting walls I didn't even know existed... and we aren't even getting married until next summer! Kidding around, of course.

Today was a whirlwind of math, sandwiched between a number of activities that tied into Remembrance Day. The assembly was lovely, featuring some very heartfelt songs and a couple of very relevant, interesting speeches from members of the Legion and RCMP.

The math test results were very good; if you plan on debriefing tonight or tomorrow, here are some main talking points I would focus on:
  • Pay attention to the operation. The majority of mistakes were made when students misread or misinterpreted a question and added instead of subtracting (or vice versa).
  • Tidiness matters! Some errors were the result of not having straight columns, or misreading their own printing as they copied down a number to add or subtract
  • Read the instructions carefully. If you are unsure whether to estimate, add, subtract, round, etc. then look at the question again for clarification.
Tests were again marked out of 5, with a further breakdown corresponding to the categories they will see on their report cards. These are not the marks that will be appearing on their report cards, just a reflection of this test. As I always tell the students, tests are only part of the equation (terrible pun, I'm sorry). I get a lot more of my information from seeing how they solve problems, what questions they ask, and what approaches they use in class.

We discussed the idea of Entitlement today, in terms of being thankful for what we have. The class had a pretty good grasp on the idea, but I would encourage you to continue this discussion at home. We talked about how we aren't ever owed anything, and that all things we have (especially as children) are there because someone else thought about us and wanted us to have the best. This could be soldiers fighting for our freedom, a parent buying us food, or a friend helping us with our work.

 I gave them a question to work on in their new green notebook, asking them to reflect on 5 things they would not have (or be able to do) without someone's help. I am trying to carry this idea over into the classroom, as we discuss how to get along together and the importance of seeing the "big picture".

I did not introduce this month's book report due to time constraints, but I will do so on Friday. Please feel free to get started if you would like. Remember, if the first one was completed in English, this one must be in French. Also, students must choose a different medium. A completed assessment rubric is available for the first book report if you want to see it. Also, please sign and return Math Tests by Friday.

Have a pleasant Remembrance Day.

Sam Paterson

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