Friday, November 5, 2010

Fun Math News Flash!

I'm on break at my PD day here at Beachy Cove, but had to post a fantastic link. I came across it last night, and thought it would be great review (and lots of fun), especially for those who have finished all the math review questions. You will be taken to a page called Math Journey, and asked to customize the types of questions that students will have to answer. I would suggest you select Addition of 1-4 digit numbers, Subtraction of 1-4 digit numbers, Multiplication of 1-digit numbers, and Rounding to 10, 100, 1000 and 10,000. If your child feels comfortable with harder applications, feel free to go for it.

The site can be found at

What I would like students to do is keep track of what cities they travel to, and post them in order as a comment on this post. To do this, click on the title of this post (Fun Math News Flash) then go to the bottom of the post and look for "Post Comment". Make sure to include your name. This is not a mandatory activity, but I thought it would be a neat challenge and a fun game at the same time.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. John Loveless completed 30 segments.

    Started in London, england, travelled to Paris, France
    then to Stockholm, Sweden
    then Moscow, Russia
    Istanbul, Turkey
    Karachi, Pakistan
    New Delhi, India
    Dacca, Bangladesh
    Beijing, China
    Soeul, South Korea
    Tokyo, Japan
    Taipei, Taiwan
    Bangkok, Thailand
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    Perth, Australia
    Sydney, Australia
    Auckland, New Zealand
    Honolulu, USA
    San Francisco, USA
    Mexico City, Mexico
    San Jose, Costa Rica
    Lima, Peru
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Cape Town, South Africa
    Nairobi, Kenya
    Cairo, Egypt
    Tunis, Tunisia
    Madrid, Spain
    then back to London, England
    No missed flights. Total miles travelled 45,870

  2. Well done, John! Hope you took lots of pictures, and brought me back souvenirs from Tunis...

  3. Eric Thomas travelled to all the same destinations,travelling 45,870 miles, only missing 2 flights (just barely though). Too busy soaking up the sun in Honolulu and enjoying the sights in Beijing.

  4. Travelled 30 segments before supper and missed only one flight.

  5. How lucky am I to have such a well-travelled bunch! Glad to hear that you got some tanning done, Eric. Also Abby, hope you're not too jetlagged for class tomorrow!