Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Merrily we roll along

Not much to mention today, as things were pretty much taken up with our Anti-Bullying activities and more self-reflection. We also started talking about Tales of A Fourth-Grade Nothing, a story we will be studying over the next number of weeks.

The only homework tonight is to keep reviewing Vocabulary and Verb Conjugation, and write in their Reading Journals. The 200-word summary and plan for book reports are due on Friday (or tomorrow, whenever they are ready), so we can move right along with them. The work I have seen so far looks excellent.

I also want to congratulate the class on their participation, behaviour and attitude at today's Anti-Bullying activities. They were very organized, sang beautifully, showed a lot of respect for other speakers and presenters, and truly represented themselves well. I appreciate the effort, and I could see their were very proud.

I will cut this post short, since I have several reports left to finish and a short time to do them! I am out of email communication this evening, but will respond to any messages sent tonight before class tomorrow.

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