Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Now entering a construction zone: Hardhats Mandatory

After having put in a few great days of what I call "Pen and Paper Work", I sprung a fun project on the class today. All afternoon (and continuing into tomorrow) we worked on constructing the 16th Century fishing village we have been exploring in Social Studies. Using more materials than I can even think of here, we have constructed a 3' X 4' diorama with all the important things we have been studying. This includes infrastructure like fishing stages, houses, cannons and schools as well as strategically placed mountains, rivers, harbours and otehr landforms.

The class has done a great job so far, from delegating jobs to staying on task and making the items we need. I have been documenting the progress so far, and we will create a photo/video tour after we have finished the project completely. If any parents are interested, feel free to drop by immediately after school on Thursday or Friday to view the finished project.

We also started talking about the digestive system today. We looked ahead in our books a bit, and had some great discussions to assess what we already know and review some useful vocabulary words. I think it stirred an interest in nutrition that I have already noticed in class, so don't be surprised if your child is currently in the pantry analyzing the sodium content of the Alpha-Ghetti. We will be planning for a class project on the digestive system and metabolism/nutrition before Christmas, so I encourage any and all discussion of the topic at home.

A few notes for the week, then a couple of new links:
  • I have had a few requests for corrected Book Report rubrics. These will be prepared for tomorrow.
  • Your child has a letter explaining the Count Your Blessings project, which should be in their Agenda.
  • Correspondence is now being sent home with only the youngest member of each family at Beachy Cove Elementary.
  • Scholastic orders should be in soon, I have been reassured. Also, backorders from the Book Fair should be accounted for by now.
  • The class pet is fitting in nicely, but seems to be a slow learner. It turns out Goldfish are not the best at multiplication.
Here is a link to a fun game that outlines a lot of the important elements we will be studying in health this chapter. In this game, you are a sandwich travelling through the digestive system.

This second game has the player put parts of different systems in place. You need to have the volume up to hear instructions. Some of the vocabulary might be new, but it is pretty fun anyways.

Have a great day!

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