Saturday, November 13, 2010

A little Saturday Morning update

What a beautiful morning in Sunny St. Phillip's! Birds chirping, the dog snuffling around the lawn; I feel that all is well. I thought I would put up a few links this morning, little tidbits that might help with studying, having fun and taking your French speaking and comprehension skills to the next level.

The first is a link to the events schedule at Ecole des Grand Vents, the French-language School and Community Centre on Ridge Road. They have a festival coming up next weekend, which has events like an open library night, music, French courses, kids movies and much more. If you are interested, it would be worth giving them a call (don't worry, you can speak English!) to see what you or your child might be interested in.

Here is another Grand Vents link. This one goes to the "Club de Samedi", a Saturday Morning activity group for students who want to improve their french and have fun. I think it might be too late to register for this fall, but it might be something to drop into, or think about for another term.

Here's a link to the pamphlet for Club de Samedi, in French.

I have also had a few questions about more home support resources, so here is a link to the Canadian Parents for French resource site. They have lots of great information, games, activities and other resources. I would suggest you explore it with your child sometime.

Have a great Saturday, and stay tuned for some more specific updates on our upcoming in-class activities tomorrow.

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