Monday, November 29, 2010

Poor old Dribble, and other news.

Day 1 is generally a very productive day in our class, since we do not have Gym or Music. Provided we stay active enough to avoid the inevitable Cabin Fever that ensues, we usually get a lot done and have a chance to focus on our work for a longer period of time. Today we focused heavily on math, language arts and french in an effort to kick-start some new projects and bring others to a close.

We saw the last of the November book reports today, both very well done. I also met with most students to get the name of their next book and make a plan for their project. I have asked any students that did not finalize a plan today to come back tomorrow with their book and an idea of what they would like to do. Some students also said they want to finish reading their book before they make a final decision, which I highly encourage.

The 200-word synopsis that each student must write before starting their project is due next Thursday, but many have already begun. I have asked students to meet with me before moving past this stage, to make sure that we address any challenges they are facing. This meeting will also help make sure the type of project they have chosen is appropriate for the book, and allow us to set some goals.

We finished reading Tales of a Fourth-Grade Nothing today, and will continue doing some closing activities throughout the week. Students really liked the book, and it offered an opportunity to analyze many of the story-writing and reviewing techniques that we are trying to build this year. I hope to see many of these skills in their book reports and process writing that we are working on before Christmas.

We continue to work on patterns in class, which students really seem to be enjoying. I think this might mean it's time to launch some problem-solving work that can be done in spare time and at home, perhaps on a weekly basis. I will investigate this idea further tonight, and update further in the upcoming days.

A few notes:
  • Students brought home a survey from our School Council today. They are gathering information to support an anticipated proposal to establish an intermediate school in the area, so I appreciate you completing and returning it.
  • I am finalizing a new daily class schedule that will go home soon.
  • Scholastic should be here before long (I think both orders are being sent together).
  • Please continue the Count your Blessings activity as outlined on our school's homepage
  • If you haven't already, please take the time to go watch the preliminary videos of our diorama that Mr. Dawe posted under Videos and Podcasts on the Beachy Cove homepage. The full, edited version narrated by students is coming along well.
Have a great week, and speak with you soon.

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