Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

I've been taking the opportunity this weekend to add some new features to the blog. I have added a playlist of the songs we are enjoying in class, and a new survey to decide what movie we will be watching on Wednesday. I have also linked to a blog that one of my MUN classmates is maintaining, available in the sidebar with the rest of my useful links.

I have also shuffled around the class's upcoming order of events, to allow for my absence later this week. I am at a conference on Thursday and Friday, and there is a closeout on Monday the 18th. For that reason, we will be studying our pop-bottle habitats with just plants (no critters) for the week, and our class will remain "pet-less" as well. There are a number of other outcomes we can focus on this week, especially with respect to food chains and general French science vocabulary.

A few reminders for tomorrow:
  • Students should bring in a book that they want to use for their Book Report
  • Students should bring back their math tests, signed or initialed by a parent/guardian
  • Book Fair starts this week
On a last note, I am developing a strategy to bring in members of the community to provide instruction on a variety of different topics. These could include skills like origami, cooking, poetry and others. I will provide more information as we move along, and would welcome any suggestions or ideas you may have. 

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