Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A day around the bay

I'm happy to report an eventful, fun and inspiring day at Salmonier Nature Park. We learned a lot, expanded on a number of things we had already been talking about and above all had fun. Luckily the animals were very active, so there were very few that escaped the animal detectives in my class. The interpreter on-site was very helpful, as were the parent volunteers and EXTREMELY PATIENT giftshop staff.

I would encourage you to go through any pictures your child may have taken, and put them in a folder on your computer. Any pictures of animals and habitats will come in handy in the next couple of weeks!

On that note, good luck on final test preparation. The students all seem quite relaxed, as was my intention. There will be NO surprises on the test, and lots of time to complete it.

Talk to you soon.

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