Thursday, October 7, 2010

A scene of Math hysteria.

Sory, another bad pun. My post today will be brief, since most of our activity today was focused on the Math quiz. I'm happy to say everybody did really well, with the majority of errors related to rushing, misreading or small lapses in memory. There were a possible 32 points, of which nobody got less than 24. This fraction is written on the bottom corner of the back page, and an official "Grade" is written on the front in pink marker. I graded them on the same 1-5 scale you will see on their report cards.

We also went over the whole test (while eating cake, just to soften the blow), to make sure that the class all understood how I was marking it and what I was looking for. All in all everybody seemed happy with the result, as was I.

We also did a trial run of our Drama in Education program that will be starting on Monday. It was a great success, and showed very clear and immediate student involvement and understanding. We will be playing the part of early arrivals to Newfoundland (approx. 1650). The class will, over several weeks, be participating in all the planning, activity and industry that would go along with this endeavour.

It will incorporate elements from all areas of the curriculum, from the obvious Science, Social Studies, Art/Culture and Language tie-ins to more obscure Math and Religion links. I'm very excited, and can't wait to get the ball rolling with what I hope will be a very inclusive, personal experience for the diverse group of learners in our class. If anyone is interested in knowing more about this process, I would be happy to talk about it.

Math tests have gone home today, and the framework for Book Reports will be going home tomorrow so the class can get started on what appears to be a much-anticipated activity. Also, just a reminder that the Science habitats are due in tomorrow.

Go Habs Go!

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