Monday, October 25, 2010

October 25th: Post 1 of 3

And we're back on the go after a long haul! As I had warned/told the class last week, French Immersion is in full effect. Monopoly Money is now in play during Recess and Lunch as well, and I will be increasingly stingy with my output of money. This worked well today, but I expect there to be some growing pains.

In conjunction with this effort, I am starting to push vocabulary, verbs and other language elements to a greater degree. This also coincides with the completion of the class's first stories, book reports and text interpretations. I sent home a Halloween vocabulary list today, as well as guidelines for the -er, -re and -ir verbs that we have studied so far. They also completed a sheet that helps reinforce these concepts today.

I am not going to use spelling tests to evaluate and teach this information; they will complete and participate in conversations, writing exercises and listening activities to reinforce the concepts in an effort to support the authentic language learning we are already carrying out in class. Here is a great blog post that gives a lot of good ideas on why spelling tests might be past their prime.

Overwhelmed yet?  

On a lighter, more practical note, here are a few links toward sites that will help your child with Halloween vocabulary and the verbs forms we are learning. This first site has a huge amount of information! I have highlighted the -er conjugation page, but the sidebar had a huge amount of other links.

This page has a refreshable French-Language wordsearch.

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