Sunday, September 26, 2010

More useful links for home support of French Immersion learning

Hope everyone is having a great weekend, and that the wrath of Igor hasn't left you scrambling too much. Coming off a shortened week, I have a busy slate for the class between now and Friday. We will be finishing up our first Science project, beginning French and English guided reading, finishing up our Numeracy unit in Math and delving into our Social Studies curriculum. I plan to put particular focus on French language and culture in Newfoundland for the first unit. This is something we have already discussed briefly in class, in a  lesson that really seemed to engage the students. I will refer heavily to resources and information found on the following site:

As we move into more intensive study of this year's French Language Arts curriculum, I want to draw your attention to a few more useful sites that may come in handy. As I have mentioned in past entries, ongoing reading, writing, viewing, listening and speaking is essential in an immersive language program. We are already starting to reap the rewards of increased student engagement in speaking only French in class, namely greater efficiency, better focus and increased student engagement.

The first site links to the Games section of the Radio Canada (Francophone CBC) site. It has a lot of fun games that your child can play, allowing them to have fun in a passive French environment.

The next site is maintained by the School District in Delta, B.C. it links to a number of game and activity pages that students will enjoy. Encourage them to explore the site, and figure out which sites they like more and why.

This is a commercial site that offers FSL learning resources.

A final site I wanted to show you is also maintained by the School District in Delta, B.C. It provides a number of good general ideas and strategies to support French Immersion studies at home. Whether you are dealing with a weekly spelling test, your own trouble understanding the language or issues with keeping your child on track, this site has many good ideas to help.

Hope these are useful. As always, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to contact me at by email or send a note in. Enjoy the last of the weekend!

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