Monday, February 21, 2011

Poetic; just us.

Today was a great day in our class, as we got further into our unit on multiplication and drew our poetry unit closer to being finished. All students completed and presented posters about their favourite type of poetry, and animated activities about them for the whole class to take part in. The students in my class are enjoying student-teaching more and more, and have become quite comfortable speaking in front of their peers in either French or English.

I was pleased to see how students were progressing with their Multiplication Journals, as well as their February book reports. Their 200-word outline of the book and what they plan to present it due tomorrow. Also, they have taken home a new question in their Multiplication Journals to complete by tomorrow. Thanks to all who are helping with this activity; the students benefit greatly from discussion and participation!

We have almost finished our unit on Nutrition and Exercise, and I will be conducting a test on the relevant material next week. As with their last Science test, students will build their study guide as a group in school so they have a complete list of terms and concepts to study.

I am having trouble responding to my ESDNL email, so please bear with me. I can also be contacted at if necessary.

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