Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Candy-fuelled Chaos

Yesterday was a frantic day to say the least, as we were caught up in a number of school and class activities surrounding Valentine's Day. A big thanks to all parents who sent in birthday cards for me as well, I appreciate the thought. Today was a busy day as well, a few points about which I would like to outline.

We wrote the math test, after lunch, and I am happy to say that the class did a fantastic job. Their hard work over this unit (2D Geometry/Symmetry) was evident in their results, and I think they're all pretty proud tonight. We did more work on poetry as well, and had our first game of Geography Wars in a while. I have pitched the notion that we are working with a limited amount of time, and that perks like playing games and doing "fun" activities are contingent on us not wasting too much of our precious time. This has been well-received, and students are responding my increasingly monitoring and moderating their own behaviour and helping set a great tone for the rest of the class.

A few more notes only, since I must head home in the aftermath of whatever that storm was today! I am currently "sans-laptop" for a couple of days, so I won't be able to check my email until the morning.
  • A note went home today about a mishap with one of our school buses. Everybody was fine, but the administration just wanted to make sure all details were clear.
  • Most students have chosen a book for February's Book Report, and some have even finished their 200-word synopsis. For this month, I am asking the class to realy focus on punctuation in their writing, and character analysis in their reading/reporting.
  • An ongoing reminder, Ms. Tapper is conducting outdoor gym classes throughout the week. Please make sure students have appropriate attire.
  • February's calendar was sent home last week.
Have a great day, and talk to you tomorrow.

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