Monday, February 7, 2011

A few notes, more to come later on.

We had a busy day today again, spending time with Mme Natalie's class in the computer lab and launching into Chapter 3 of our Social Studies textbook. This unit focuses on Why people explore, and should help crystallize a lot of the knowledge they have been accumulating over the first couple of chapters.

We also took our first stab at debating, and discussed the important elements of creating an argument, choosing language, doing research, etc. We had a couple "Flash Debates" to try this out, and it seemed as though the class really enjoyed the activity. It really encourages logical thought and process, as well as collaborative thinking and organization. I hope to use this as a review and pre-assessment technique as we go forward.
I have a few notes, with another post to come later on tonight.
  • Starting immediately, Ms. Tapper would like students to be prepared to go outside for gym. Tomorrow we have gym in the morning.
  • One of my esteemed colleagues in the class reminded me that I hadn't passed out February's schedule yet. I had to edit a few things over the weekend, and got caught up in some other duties that prevented me from getting it photocopied today. The February schedule will go home tomorrow.

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