Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Snow Day Eve, everybody!

At the risk if causing catastrophic disappointment, I decided to go ahead and teach my sure-fire, never-fail Snow Dance today. It works 9 times out of 10, and when combined with the doom and gloom Ryan Snodden has been spreading around, it seems like a sure thing.

That being said, today was a "flurry" (sorry for the pun) of activity as we presented book reports, had buddy reading and BURP (Boys Undercover Reading Program) and worked on some independent projects after Recess. We are close to finishing our 2-D Geometry unit in math, and our health unit on activity and nutrition is getting nearer to a close as well.

Last night I had students read a newspaper or magazine, and we talked about it this morning. It was a great way to compare the ways informational texts can be presented and used, and sparked some interesting discussions. Tonight's reading assignment is to look at a nutritional label on something they are eating. I asked the students to note anything interesting or surprising they find out, and we will compare these tomorrow (or Friday!) morning.

Using the food data information I got from our cafeteria's food provider (Chartwells, a subsidiary of Compass Group), students have been going through the pages and highlighting things that they think stand out. They have been surprised by the elevated amounts of sodium, fat and sugar in some foods, as well as by the high nutrient levels in others. I also printed off the Eastern School District's healthy eating mandate, and the guidelines by which it is regulated. We will be using this to analyze the overall adherence to healthy-living rules we have at school, and build a list of recommendations.

Have a good snowy day!

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