Thursday, February 24, 2011

A busy couple of weeks here!

This post will be mainly informational, since I want to outline the schedule for our next couple of weeks. They promise to be quite busy, so here goes!

We will have a few pieces of evaluation coming up in class, since the limit for submitting Report Card marks is March 4th. The class will be having their health test on Tuesday, so everybody brought home their health textbook and exercise book to study. We have reviewed the material exhaustively in class, and created a study guide from which all content will be drawn. I would love the kids to keep the books at home until Tuesday, so they can review at their leisure.

On Wednesday the 2nd, the class will be creating poetry books. They have been asked to select 4 types of poetry that they really enjoy, and to write several points about each. These points are meant to describe the poem aesthetically and technically, so that someone else could create such a poem using their instructions. Then, they will have to write a short (5-6 line) example of each one. Since this is a closed-book activity, I am giving time in class to do all the prep work they need to be ready. This will go home over the weekend so your child can continue to prepare/write examples, etc. Definitions and examples of all poems are already in their notes.

Because of this flurry of evaluation, I am bumping the due date for Book Reports back to next Friday, the 4th of March. Some students have already completed their projects, and others will be given time in class to take some pressure off at home.

We are having a fun activity tomorrow afternoon that requires snow sculpting outside, so please note the following:
  • Students may bring along accessories such as plastic shovels, buckets, food colouring or any other things they would like to use in creating their design
  • PLEASE BRING SNOWPANTS, MITTS AND HATS!!!! Students who don't have these things will not be able to participate to the same degree.
I will be attending a Professional Development session on Monday and Tuesday, the 28th and 1st. I will still be available via email, but will discontinue the Multiplication Journal until I get back on Wednesday.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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