Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wow, what a day!

Today we managed to fit in a lot of activity, from our Poetry and Health evaluations to a great deal of organization for the upcoming weeks, silent reading, text responses and other activities. The class seems to be in great spirits lately, and more than eager to get right down to work. Unfortunately we weren't able to watch as many student-made videos as I would have liked to (because of the time missed in the last few days), but we are going to cluster them all tomorrow afternoon (with popcorn, of course!)

I imagine some students will come home fairly fired up about the individual projects we will be conducting, but I have encouraged them to hold off on starting anything until Monday. I would like to finalize their ideas and methods first, then start working on things. If your child really can't wait, I would suggest that they start finding research materials and thinking of ways they would like to present their ideas next week.

I had to make another edit on the March schedule (looking like a busy month) so it will go home tomorrow. Also, I will be bringing you up to date on Education Week events taking place from the 7th to 11th of March.

For now, here is another great video created by one of my students. Well done, and hope you all click on the YouTube icon in the bottom-left corner to give it a view and a thumbs-up!

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