Thursday, March 10, 2011

In defiance of "No Technology Day"

As part of Education Week at Beachy Cove Elementary, today was "No Technology Day". This meant we refrained from using electronic devices and other new-fangled contraptions for the bulk of the school day. To elaborate on this activity we had a discussion and writing exercise to think of types of technology that are used every day. This list ranged from iPods to toilets, and was a very thought-provoking discussion. Students found it harder to imagine that society could function without the ability to be in constant contact, than they did to imagine not having a stove or toilet. I guess this is to be expected, but it was still quite a strong signal about just how differently we communicate these days.

The students in my class are bringing home the materials for their Personal Projects for the first time today as well. They have already put in some great work, and now they are going to start planning in earnest. Their job for tonight is to write up a list of possible information sources, and plan their activities and goals for the first week. These will be modest goals, mostly about gathering information and planning their project as a whole.

Tomorrow is Career Dress-Up day, so I have encouraged students to dress up as their ideal profession. The school would prefer that students don't bring in large items like hockey sticks, and if your child want to grow up to be a Jedi (a noble goal) they should probably leave their light sabre at home. Also, I would prefer if any aspiring Jedi Knights refrain from using Force Push or Mind Control during instructional time.

Enough foolishness, please let me know if you have any quesions. May the force be with you.

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