Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cruising through January

Not much to comment on today, just moving along as per my update from Tuesday. I did some specific listening assessment work, in the form of a read-aloud that I had the students answer questions about. Our poetry unit is ticking along, and we got some more work in on our nutrition/exercise unit in health. On that note, I requested the full nutritional information for our school's cafeteria, and it got sent along to me by their regional representative. We will be analyzing these (sometimes surprising) data tables into our health lessons. I can also make copies for any parents who are curious!

We also did a really fun math activity today, reminiscent of an activity I saw demonstrated when I was a student at MUN. Dr. Mary Cameron, a very accomplished prof in their department of Education, gave us lots of time to research and demonstrate different contemporary math-teaching techniques, many of which were very hands-on and fun.

Today, the class split up into groups and made shapes on the floor with masking tape. I assigned a shape to make, such as "A figure with 3 sides and 2 axes of symmetry", or "A figure with 2 equivalent sides and 2 parallel sides". Many of these goals were attainable in a variety of ways, and showed good insight into how students view 2-Dimensional shapes and what they were able to share. They got points based on group involvement, speed of completion and tidiness.

We also downloaded a free LEGO online design program, which the students are really enjoying. It incorporates a wide array of specific and general curriculum outcomes, from spatial reasoning and visualizing to concepts about process, sequence and design.

A few reminders for parents:

  • Sweatathon pledges are coming in, so thanks very much. They can be sent in at any time until the day of the event.
  • Book reports are due next Tuesday.
  • I put off editing our diorama video until we could work on it together in the next week or so. Final copies will be ready soon after.
Have a great night, and talk to you soon.

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