Saturday, January 8, 2011

A rainy Saturday

Now that we've gotten back into the swing of things, I thought it would be a good idea to post some new useful links. The main focuses of the upcoming month or so will be:
  • Health: Nutrition and Healthy Living - This is a site we are using in class, and one I have linked before. - This is a fun and useful site, for searching nutrition data on almost  any food or browsing things by category. I will be assigning work that uses this site in the next few weeks.

  • Math: Graphing and Data Processing, Multiplication Facts - This site generates graphs and poses questions about them. It is a good review/supplement tool, and will come in handy when we begin our review for this chapter in a week or so. The site can also generate review questions for a variety of other topics. - The Saskatoon School Board maintains this site, which has many strategies for doing mental math. This includes everything from basic addition to multiplication, and would serve as a good reference for helping with homework and improving multiplication skills and techniques.
  • Social Studies: Explorers and Research Methods - This is another site we will be using in class; it is an archive of exploration-themed stories from Canada's history. There is also a link to Newfoundland's Historical Archives in a blog post from September.
  • Science: Light and Optics - We will be carrying out experiments throughout our "Light" unit in Science. If students are interested, there are some fun projects to do at home on this page. They reinforce a lot of the basic concepts we will be learning, as well as the ever-important Scientific Process.
  • French: Literature Study, Process Writing and Book Reports
I have already posted a number of links related to novel study, process writing and book reports in past blog posts, which can be found by entering any of these terms into the Search box at the top of the page. 
  • Language Arts: Poetry, Public Speaking, Voice and Structure - This is a fun poetry site, one that I will be using for some take-home projects. There are tons of light-hearted, fun poems in a variety of styles. Students have already shown great interest in poetry, so I think it will be an easy sell. - Here are a variety of poetry forms that students will become familiar with in the next couple of months. This site would be worth bookmarking for future reference, for students and families.
  • Religion: Seasonal topics, with a focus on how morals and cultural background affect decisions and opinions - Most of the content for our religion curriculum is found in the text, but I will be incorporating some elements of this useful website as well. I think that this site will be particularly useful as we start to move into topics related to decision-making and self-reflection. I have more information on this approach if you are interested.
  • General: Uses for Technology, Healthy Living, World Geography
My first suggestion would be to bookmark and use the interactive map I posted earlier in the week. It has some great functions and will come in handy in a variety of curriculum areas.

                - This link is one I will be using to find educational Apps for iPod Touch, a resource that seems to be readily available to many students. The portability, relevance and interactivity of the device is very well-suited to our classroom environment, and I would encourage you to explore these Apps at home as well (especially the free ones). - A final link, sorry to overwhelm everyone! This one also focuses on nutrition, and can be used either with a membership or not. 

Have a great weekend, talk to you soon.

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