Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Report Card Day!

We had a good day today, lots of excitement and apprehension as would be expected under the circumstances. We took plenty of time to talk about evaluation and talk about the self-reflection we have carried out, as well as discussing how report cards "work" and how the information should be used. Above all, I congratulated students on their achievements. We have been setting high goals and expectations so far, and I marvel each day at how well all students are performing. All parents, families and students should be very proud, and looking forward to a great second term.

Students have been given the task of picking out some strengths and weaknesses over the weekend, and writing the results in their Journal de Questions. I would encourage you to help them with this activity, extending on the conversations you will already be having about the marks and comments on their report cards. I hope to use this feedback in Tuesday's parent-teacher meetings, so the more detail the better!

A few pointers, then I'm off for a reporting-free weekend!

  • We covered more math today (Lesson 6), so students can finish up to Lesson 6 in their math review.
  • Students' 200+ word Book Report synopsis is due Thursday
  • Don't forget to sign up for parent-teacher meetings at Parents can check their email for notes on how to sign up for back-to-back slots. Please contact me if you need to be accommodated in any way.
Again, congratulations to students on a great job and have a fun weekend.

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