Thursday, March 3, 2011

In like a lion....

Another busy day today, as I spent the morning in Professional Development and spent the afternoon in class. We moved ahead in math, working on new strategies for multiplication; this seems to have gone very well, at least according to my excellent substitute. 

This afternoon we had another film festival, showcasing more of the great short films created by students in the class. Popcorn, great animation, hedgehogs in space... what more could you want! We also introduced Roch Carrier's classic "The Hockey Sweater" courtesy of a great presentation from John. Well done.

A few parents have mentioned that their children have set fairly lofty goals for their individual project, but I think that this is alright for know. I would encourage students to aim high right now, because we can always reel things in next week when we start the project in earnest. I love the excitement the class is showing about this project, and can't wait to see what they have to offer.

I am in PD again tomorrow, but have a full day scheduled. There will be no multiplication journal tonight or over the weekend, unless it went unfinished on Wednesday night. I had hoped to get some book reports presented today, but we had buddy reading and it got pushed back a little bit. Monday it is! If you have any questions about things, drop me an email.

Have a great weekend, and I will post a few updates and links on Saturday.

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